LANmark-C637 Cat 6A 26 AWG High Flex Shielded TPE

Nexans LANmark Industrial Heavy-Duty Ethernet Cables enable the expansion and integration of Ethernet into the Industrial environment. With over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, you can be sure these Industrial Cables will perform both mechanically and electrically. With its 600V AWM design, durable TPE jacket, cold-bend performance, and resistance to oil, weld spatter, and sunlight, this cable is suitable for the most demanding, continuous-motion, industrial applications. This product has both a foil shield and a braid to protect against low- and high-frequency noise on the factory floor. Additionally, the stranded conductors also help maintain performance in a high-vibration environment. It is rated CMR and CMX Outdoor, so it easily transitions from indoor to outdoor environments. It is also suitable for cable tray installations.

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